We offer a fast, no hassle way to sell your car-no matter the condition! Simple. Safe. Fast.

We are Sell That Car! A hassle free car buying company located in beautiful San Diego, California.

What’s Our Story?

For 10 years, Sell That Car has been helping people in San Diego to turn their old, new, used or damaged cars into cash.

So Who Are We? What’s Our Story?

We are a group of ambitious California techies who want to simplify the often over complicated process of selling a car. We came together over 10 years ago to create a company that would make the experience of selling your old, new or used car as simple as possible. So, why would we do this you ask? Well, because like many of you, we too have had to deal with the nightmare that is trying to sell a car independently. We know what it’s like to have to have to post ads to the classifieds, tape sales information to your car window and try to scramble around making appointments with people here and there to show a car that they may or may not even buy. We wanted to take out the middleman, to get rid of the stress and create one, simple and efficient process! So, we decided that we would make it easier for everyone and create Sell That Car. A no hassle, simple, safe and fast way to take your old car and get paid!

We offer fast, friendly service with a smile. We make it our top priority to make sure that you have a top notch experience in the process of selling your old, new or even your damaged car.

If you have a vehicle to sell you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got you covered!

When it’s time to sell your old car, one name should come to mind, Sell That Car. Let us take the stress away and buy your car from you!

We Come to You!

Contact Us NOW and take the hassle out of selling your old, new used, or even your damaged car! If you’re ready to sell your car, we are ready to give you an instant quote, right now! After an initial call, one of our agents will come to you and start the hassle free process of getting your car cold sold!

Why Work With Us?

Posting an ad in the classifieds can be daunting. It’s a long drawn out process of email, phone tag and showings that often don’t end with a sale. Why put yourself through all of that when selling your old, new, used or even your damaged car can be as simple as making a quick phone call?

We offer competitive pricing with fast, simple service. With Sell That Car, we take the stress out of selling your car.

Simple. Safe. Fast. This is how we do it.